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Social Chroma one-to-one on socialmedia.

Social Chroma was started in 2011 in France with the goal to help brands to properly use Facebook in the context of B2C (Business-To-Consumer) CRM(Customers Relationship Management) and BI (Business Intelligens). In 2013 the company was moved to Denmark where it received funding from Borean Innovation and the Danish Ministry of Science at the beginning of 2014, to help accelerate the development. The company is now located in NOVI Science Park in Aalborg.

Social Chroma's customers are among others tapetshop.dk, Homelidays and F.C. Nordsjælland. Knowledge is power and a huge amount of relevant data is available about customers on social media. By knowing more about customers, their interests, who they are, companies are able to improve the communicate to the customers thanks to the CRM. Social Chroma´s product integrates seamlessly into existing corporate social communication and B2C CRM strategy.

Read more about Social Chroma here

Philippe Campos
CCO & Co-founder
Social Chroma


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